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Infrastructure for urban animals

Ohlin Studio’s crossing system for a six-lane highway

Our sprawling cities continue to creep into land which was once home to abundant flora and fauna.

One unfortunate impact of this development is the animal fatalities resulting from road networks cutting a swathe through native habitats.

The ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition sought creative solutions to this problem from engineers, ecologists and landscape architects from around the world. They were asked to come up with highway overpass designs for our furry friends. The brief stated:

ARC seeks innovation in feasible, buildable, context-sensitive and compelling design solutions for safe, efficient, cost-effective, and ecologically responsive highway crossings for wildlife. In the broadest context, ARC will challenge competitors to reweave landscapes for wildlife using new methods, new materials, and new thinking. In doing so, the ARC competition aims to raise international awareness of a need to better reconcile human and wildlife mobility through a more creative, flexible and innovative system of road and habitat networks in our landscapes.

The recently announced five shortlisted designs, including Ohlin Studio’s scheme (pictured), are fantastically innovative. It would be great to see some of these stylish, verdant animal bridges built across our Aussie roads.