Urban Affect will ensure that you are provided with the very best technical expertise, to help achieve your goals for your development or research project.

We operate a flexible business model and can readily scale up for larger projects, through collaboration with our trusted stable of highly qualified independent consultants, skilled in:

Shared value is created when society prospers as a direct result of business success. Zumio’s mission is to help clients out-perform and out-sustain their competitors, while ensuring their success enhances the world around us.

Shared value builds new relationships and deepens existing ones, making it especially powerful in the networked and socially-aware economy, where relationships are more important than ever. Strong relationships build resilience in the customer-supplier exchange and facilitate innovation through the exploration of fresh ideas and perspectives.

The process of creating shared value is inherently collaborative. Zumio works within, across and outside businesses to align the needs of customers, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders to achieve optimum outcomes.

With a track record of successfully delivering services geared for the networked economy, across the commercial, public and third sectors, Zumio is uniquely placed to help your business or service thrive in this new environment.

Zumio brings specialist expertise in the development of online technology applications and supports clients through a range of services, including:

  • Service design and strategy
  • Social network engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement through online applications
  • Design research
  • Co-design and prototyping
  • Workshopping and capacity building

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Re-Imagine Business is a service for business owners and managers. We help businesses improve profits with sustainable “good business” practices.

In today’s world, the traditional bottom line of profit is no longer an appropriate measure of business success, or any guarantee of success tomorrow. Re-Imagine Business focuses on people, planet, AND profit.

Founder, Connie Comber, has been evaluating for-profit, social responsibility (sustainability) in business for the last 10 years. She is devoted to sharing the best methods and practices that make these businesses viable. They range from;

  • personal transformation techniques and leadership mentoring, through to
  • the latest in research into socially responsible, triple-bottom-line (people, planet, and profit) business methods.

Reimagine Business offers a range of sustainable business management and business mentoring services, along with associated workshop facilitation and training services.

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